For 20 years now, ENTRETIENS ET DÉCORS PIERRE A. RICHER has been providing all-around support while regularly maintaining your outdoor spaces with techniques that respect durability and responsibility standards.

We can propose a multitude of solutions that will not only meet your needs but optimize results and preserve the value of your investments :

  • Foresee deterioration and establish a required maintenance scheduling booklet to ensure that your property, building or other real estate is well-maintained;
  • Take charge of the maintenance of your head office or place of business, parking areas and public spaces;
  • Correct unforeseen events with repair work;
  • Outfit outdoor entrances to maximize the use of space and preserve your image;
  • Ensure the management of waste as well as residual and organic matter.

We use cutting-edge equipment and high-performance tools. Our service offer always respects industry standards.

In collaboration with Entreprises Laurent Godon, Entretiens et décors Pierre A. Richer is ready to introduce a new trend in Quebec. We plan to initiate a new culture that will revolutionize the lighting industry by completely rethinking commercial lighting systems. We also plan to increase interest for 3D plant sculptures.